The End is Nigh


Its been a long time since I posted on this blog and much has happened between then and now, but finally after over two years the end is nigh.  Yes I am within spitting distance of the start line and two and a half years of training is finally going to be put to use.

When I first started this journey/madness I really didn’t understand the huge commitment in time and energy it would be to train to compete in a race like the Coast to Coast or how the training would change my body and my world view.  There have been some tough times, I broke both physically and mentally along the way, but I have also fixed myself with the help of my family, coach, and friends.  I no longer thing that going for a run is a strange thing to do.  I ride to work and enjoy it, a 60k round trip that actually only adds 40 minutes to my daily commute.  Not that I do that everyday, but at least once or twice a week.

Just Back in 2016 I tore my calf muscle which put me out of the race for 2017, mentally this was really hard to handle as all the hard work felt like it was for nothing.  Some heart surgery early in 2017 meant that I didn’t start training again until May of that year but I am now ready to line up on the start line and run/ride/paddle across the South Island of NZ.

Even though I am probably fitter than I have ever been I still don’t feel like an athlete, I haven’t really lost much weight, although I have changed shape and gone down at least one size in Jeans and really do need a new belt…  I’ve worn out two pairs of running shoes, worn through a pair of running shorts and found some really good winter running and cycling gear.

Sitting here in Christchurch two days before the event though, I do feel ready for race, my training has been good and I’m sure I’m able to get over the line, all that needs to happen now is for me to actually do it.

I’ve arranged a GPS tracker for the event so people can follow my progress (I’ll be the slow one at the back) using this link – or from the Coast to Coast homepage – my number is 2021.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past two years, especially Jane, Jessica and Matthew who have put up with tired, hungry me on more than one occasion.

See you at the finish line!

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