Keeping focussed


I mentioned in my last post that I was having trouble with motivation, the dark mornings and colder weather make it so much easier to stay in bed when the alarm goes off at 5am.  Unfortunately, because I am constantly recording all the training that I’m doing I can see the negative effects that this is having on my performance, the lack of a personal record (PR) on Strava over segments that I run or ride regularly, the occasional red box in Training peaks staring accusingly at me when I fire up the website…

That’s not to say I haven’t been riding and running, I have, I have just struggled with putting in the effort necessary to improve my performance, its too easy when its cold and dark and you’re riding/running on your own to just go along in cruise control, putting in good times but not great times, and even at times just putting in times, neither good nor great.

All this wasn’t helped by a trip to the hospital last week for another reboot, which leaves me feeling a little gun shy and a little knocked back.  After these episodes I tend to have a bit of a quiet couple of days and keep well within my aerobic HR to ensure (probably falsely) that the heart is going to stay in rhythm.  There is no evidence that this actually makes a difference, but its good for my mind if nothing else.

I’ve also been a bit poor at planning my week in advance.  I’ve found over the past months that its a lot easier to get out of bed if I know what I’m going to be doing once I get up.  If I dont have anything planned, it is really easy to choose something a bit easier than I would have planned, or just flag it and have a sleep in.

So something needs to change, I’ve started by planning my week a bit better which seems to be helping a little.  I’ve also started changing some of my runs to do intervals which should help with speed (or the couch to 5k for going faster as I like to think of it) these have the added benefit of not taking as long as a 10k.  I’ve also experimented with intervals on the bike, these aren’t quite as easy as running, but I did seem to enjoy my ride a bit better and actually got my first PR in quite a while.

I also got hold of an old rowing machine over the weekend.  It had been stored in a barn for some time and was full of a birds nest, but after a good clean out and a wash its now working as good as new.  I put in my first session on the trainer on the weekend and now have some sore paddling muscles, which is a nice change, plus  I get the opportunity to watch some TV while I’m at it.

It’s not all bad, I’m booked in for the Maungatautari Mission in about 4 weeks, which would be my first race with transitions, and my first foray into true multisport.  Whether or not I take part will depend on how the next few weeks of training go.  But hopefully with some more planning and some focus on improving again I can get myself into shape enough to tackle the race.

Monday – Post race 6k walk

Wednesday – Bike 30k

Thursday – Run 9k

Saturday – Ride 23k

Monday – Run 5k – Intervals

Tuesday – Run 10k

Wednesday – Ride 17k

Friday – Run 6k

Sunday – Row 25minutes



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