When things get real

Coast to Coast2.png

When I first said that I was going to enter the 2017 Coast to Coast race it was nearly a year and a half away, a.k.a. quite far in the future.  Well that far in the future is now a lot closer and this week became extremely real.  Tickets for the 2017 race went on sale on Wednesday this week and after a quick call to Jane to see if she was still on board I am now officially entered into the 2017 two day individual event – bib number  2005.

This means that money has been spent – there is no backing out now (which is kind of why I entered as early as possible).  After my rest week last week I needed the renewed motivation to keep going and refocus myself.  I also signed up for a race at the weekend – Janes mum found it in the local paper and it sounded interesting so I entered.  So this Saturday (30th April 2016) I’m participating in the 22k Waitomo Trail Run.  The 11k division was sold out and the 33k was well outside my current comfort zone, so it really had to be the 22k distance.  At least I know that I can run that far.

This weekends run is through some stunning Karst scenery – which is landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum. It is characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves. (according to wikipedia) What this does mean is that we get to run through caves and fantastic limestone formations, so it should be pretty.  Its also my first truly off road run, not quite the terrain of the C2C run, but more challenging than my usual routes.

Based on my previous 22k time of 3 hours I expect this to take somewhere between 3-4 hours, the route has a lot more vertical ascent than my previous run which will slow me somewhat I suspect.

I also realised this week that the Maungatautari Mission that I entered some time ago is only 6 weeks away, which means that I really need to get out in the kayak as that race has a 10k kayak leg, and I’ve been concentrating on my running and cycling up until now as these are the disciplines that my skill level is much lower.  Its going to be a busy few weeks as I continue to work on my running and cycling fitness as well as build up my paddle fitness, I feel an erg in my life in the near future 😦

Last week was a mental health week, as I alluded to last post, and so there is not much to report on the training front.  The sleep-ins helped reset my internal batteries and it was nice to not have aching muscles for a day or two.

  • Tuesday – Run 6k
  • Saturday – Ride 50k

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