Sometimes you just have to hit snooze


The astute among you will have noticed that I haven’t been writing as regularly as I normally do, I would love to say there has been a great reason for this but I’d be making stuff up…

It has been a fortnight of ups and downs,  with some pretty awesome training followed by some repeated hitting of the snooze button.  I even got to run in a different city as I was away for most of last week for work in New Plymouth and managed to get a ride and a run in a new city.

Working away from home is a double edged sword really, I always enjoy the solitude but miss Jane and the kids, and having a new city to explore is always fun, but not having anyone to share the discoveries with makes it a somewhat Pyrrhic exercise.   All that aside the New Plymouth coastal path walkway would have to be one of the best in the country and made my morning run and cycle a really magical experience.  It has to be said running along the coast is one of my favourite ways to start the day. Well favourite active ways to start the day, lying in bed with a good book and a decent coffee is still my all time favourite way to start the day.

I have also been logging the k’s on my long runs with an 18k to follow up my easter run of 15k and then an almighty 23k last weekend.  The 23 was probably a bit soon, not so much in distance, but the route I chose was uphill for almost half of the distance, I would have actually been better to have run it in reverse, at least that way the climb would have been short and sharp followed by a long descent.

So all the training has been going quite well – hitting the 23k milestone was pretty awesome, its just over the half marathon distance and only 10k short of the C2C mountain run.  Extrapolating from my run I figure the mountain run should take me somewhere between 4 and 5 hours, so I’m happy with that and I still have 290 odd days to get faster and get some more runs in on similar terrain to the actual run.

What about the downs I hear you ask??  Well the extra distances have definitely been having an effect on my body and I’ve been finding it difficult to motivate myself to get out of bed in the dark to go for my normal training runs.  Now I’m not a morning person, but I actually do enjoy the early morning sessions in the dark.  I don’t even mind the cold and rain as long as I am dressed for it, but I just haven’t been able to get up.  Now I know that this is largely mental and getting up is probably the best thing for it, but sometimes you just have to hit snooze.  Training is a combination of putting the body under stress and rest, and I’ve been pretty good over the past 8 months at putting my body under stress but not always so good at the rest part of the equation.

Being a night owl I have found it difficult at times to convince myself to go to sleep early, even going to bed early hasn’t always helped and I find myself still awake at midnight with a 5am alarm set.  Normally I manage to get up and exercising first thing wakes me up and gives me energy for the day, but nothing can hide the fact that I’m tired and need to get more sleep.  So today I didn’t get up, today I hit snooze and slept in for another hour.  And it was liberating!  I woke up feeling guilty because I didn’t go for the ride I had planned, but I felt better than I have for days, muscles don’t ache, brain isn’t foggy from lack of sleep and I’ve been in a good mood all day.

So the moral of the story, sometimes you do have to snooze, and not beat yourself up about it.  I know that its not the start of a habit, because I do feel a little guilty for not going for my ride but I also know that today it was the right thing to do.  I’m pretty sure I’m not over training though its something that I’ve been on the watch for, especially as I have come from a pretty low base it would be easy to push too hard in my attempts to hone myself into an endurance athlete.

So a mixed week, some really high highs, and some middling lows, but nothing that a sleep-in can’t fix.


Monday – Bike 30k

Wednesday – Bike 16k

Thursday – Run 9k

Saturday – Run 18k

Sunday – Ride 23k

Tuesday – Run 4k

Wednesday – Run 9k

Thursday – Ride 20k

Saturday – Run 23k


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