Hunting the easter bunny


A couple of weeks have gone by since my last post, then I felt like I had lost my running Mojo and was a little despondent about the couple of steps backwards that I felt that I had taken.  Well there is nothing like a couple of short weeks and a trip to the beach camping to turn your head around and reset yourself.

Jane and I had decided that we were going to go camping for the Easter holiday this year as we hadn’t had a chance to go camping during the Christmas holidays, so we packed the kids and the tent up and headed to Hahei in the Coromandel for 5 days of relaxation and running.  Well that was running for me, Chicken had some serious K’s to put in on the bike for her training and Jane and Buddy decided to get some walking in as well.

The weekend was looking pretty rubbish as far as the weather went, and on Thursday morning I woke up to the sound of torrential rain and power outages, thought to myself sod this and rolled over and went back to sleep.  I had already done a session on the bike and a couple of hill run/walks on the first three days of the week so having an unscheduled rest day wasn’t the worst thing in the world and my tired legs were certainly going to appreciate it.

We arrived to the beach early Friday morning and had a relaxing day settling into the camping lifestyle.  For us that generally means going for walks on the beach, a good book or 10 and a beer or wine in the afternoon.  There is of course no escape from the rigors of training and on Saturday I went for an exploratory run around Hahei, a town I know pretty well, but have never run in.  The run went really well and I clocked up 7k for the first time in a while without feeling like I was going to die.  A couple of days rest and a change of scenery had definitely pulled me out of my funk.

On the Monday I decided that I would try for a 10k and if I felt good then I could add a few kilometers without too much hassle.  Rather than running later in the morning, I got up as the sun was rising and headed out of town on the route that I had planned the day before.  For anyone who has never been to the Coromandel, it’s hilly…  Like REALLY hilly.  I had planned my route to be as flat as possible but there were still a couple of hills to be tackled, and the flat road I thought I found was actually just a long steady hill for about 3k… but the morning was beautiful and the scenery fantastic, so I stuck at it walking up some of the hills but running the rest and I felt good, really good so I kept going.  I ran through the first hour of my playlist, 8k’s down and feeling strong, so I kept going until I had run through the second hour as well.  There were a couple of stops to take photos and I really needed some more water with me, but I completed 15k in under two hours and felt really great for the rest of the day and the next.  Legs were tired but no injuries or pain.

So it appears that I found my mojo again, silly really it was at the beach, which is where I fell in love with paddling all those years ago, which is why I’m training for the Coast to Coast, because it has a paddling leg.

The rest of the week was pretty good for training as well, a run on the shores of Lake Tarawera while I was away for work was pretty cool and my fastest ever 5k on Sunday was the icing on the cake.  Legs feeling tired but not sore, cycling distance getting up and speed increasing slowly as well.  All in all its going OK at the moment and the end of daylight savings means that my training runs and rides finish in the light.



  • Monday – Run 6.7k
  • Tuesday – Bike 17k
  • Wednesday – Run 6.8k
  • Thursday – Rained off (yaaay)
  • Saturday – Run 7.2k
  • Sunday – Run 4k
  • Monday – Run 15k
  • Wednesday – Ride 21k
  • Thursday – Run 5k
  • Friday – Ride 23k
  • Sunday -Run 6k

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