A trip to the doctors


As we enter the festive season, I normally make an appointment with my GP to get a quick physical and ensure that I have the meds necessary to get me through the holiday.  This year was no different, however this year I had a pleasant surprise.

I’ve been getting a checkup each December (and June) since a health scare some time ago so I am relatively in touch with things like my typical blood pressure (at the high end of normal) and this morning after three months of training and getting fit, my BP was 120/80 for the first time in over a decade.  Which is great and kinda annoying, great because it can only be because I have started exercising and annoying because it can only be because I have started exercising.  It’s really annoying to realise that those small changes can have big effects and that you could have instigated them earlier.

Still I am really happy that all the pain (well, not so much) and aches (more of them) over the past 3 months has had a measurable effect on my health and well being.

I hit another milestone (or should that be kaystone) last week, I ran/walked 5k on all my runs in the week!  And I managed to get my average minutes per kilometer under 7mins on two of the runs!  So definite progress and I have started week 5 of the Couch to 5k program which ramps running duration up considerably so I hope to push through the 5.5k barrier soon.

  • Monday – no run as flying back from Australia
  • Wednesday – Run 5.0k
  • Friday – Run 5.0k
  • Sunday – Run 5.0k



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