The week that was…

Top of the hillLast week was a really good week for running, the weather wasn’t too hot and I managed to keep up with the couch to 5k podcasts.  In fact the runs were appreciably easier by Friday, so there is some definite improvement in fitness levels and endurance/stamina.  Saying that I’m still only covering 4-4.5k in each 30 minute session, but I can see that each week my average pace is slowly getting quicker as the podcasts have me running more and walking less.

I only went for one ride this week, a quick 10k sprint on Saturday morning.  My legs felt OK after Friday’s run, but they were definitely tired and the headwind heading out meant that I made a decision not to do my longer loop and just hit the 10k as fast as I could.  I was pleasantly suprised when I got home to find that I had dropped about 40 seconds of my previous best time and achieved an average of just over 28k an hour.  My aim for the bike is to get my average speed up into the low/mid 30k’s before I start to lengthen my rides, I figure I have plenty of time to work on the distance aspect and I would rather work on building some speed first before I work on the distance.

  • Monday – Run 4.7k
  • Wednesday – Run 4.2k
  • Friday – Run 4.0k
  • Saturday – Bike 10k


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