The month that was..


Well the month of Movember is drawing to a close and my move for Movember efforts closed off this morning with the first run of week three of the NHS Couch to 5K series.  I managed to get some excercise in 28 of the 30 days of November, and while I could go for a bike ride this afternoon, I wont as my legs are feeling more than a little tired after everything I have put them through in the last 30 days.

Last week was quite a good week, I found by Friday that I was able to keep running at the end of each run session in the podcast and my sore knee felt quite a bit better after changing my route and shoes.  The road I was previously running on had a steep camber and I think this was causing me to aggravate my knee, so a change of course and shoes seems to have made a difference to it and the knee feels better, if not completely healed just yet.

One thing I did find over the last month was that trying to do some excercise everyday of the week meant that I did feel like I was over training a little by the end of the month – basically my legs have ached for the last 10 days or so and really just need a break, especially as I walked up to the top of Maungakawa and back on Saturday which meant that on Sunday I actually just had a rest day and chilled out. (Some ghouls and super mutants may have suffered as a result)

I did go back over my whole month just to get a feel of how many K’s I did in official training runs/walks this month, and was surprised to discover that I ran 79.6k and biked 49.1k, which means that I managed to do just over the equivalent of HALF the cost to coast distance in an entire month, its going to be an interesting year next year.


  • Monday – Run 4.6k
  • Tuesday – Bike 10k
  • Wednesday – Run 4.3k
  • Friday – Run 4.6k
  • Saturday – Walk 9.2k

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