Race Day

raceplaceAfter a beautiful week of sunshine and definite suggestions of summer, Sunday morning we woke to unremitting drizzle, nice!

It was going to be a big day of events in our household and there were some definite grumbles about not wanting to get up and go and cycle/run but we all got up and suitably attired against the rain and departed for our various events.

The rain held off for the run which was great, although I was wearing a jacket which just meat that I got a free sauna as well, anything to lose a bit more weight I say.  And at 10:10 I crossed the start line and set off on the 6k course.

Of course I made a classic beginners mistake and started out too strongly and after about the first kilometer my shins were on fire and I felt like I couldn’t run any further.  Regardless I slowed to a walk and persevered, slowly working the pain out of my legs and running whenever I felt like I could give it a bit more.

All in all I was disappointed in my performance – I still can’t actually maintain a run for any distance and that has to be the focus of the next few weeks, drop the distance I’m doing and increase the amount of time that I run.  My time wasn’t too bad for a walk, but I really need to get the pace up so I’m putting myself through the NHS couch to 5k program over the next 9 weeks which will mean that by the time we go on our summer holidays I will be running 5k!



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