The week that was…

waikato by sunriseIt was a good week last week.  The weather was looking awesome for the weekend so I took Friday off and had a list of things I wanted to get done, not least was to get to the top of the hill I run up/down!  And I did it – my longest distance yet 9k and I managed to run the majority of the downhill leg.

The knee problems that were plaguing me before I went to the Gold Coast appear to have resolved themselves with some time off running while I was away.

Also this week I finally fitted my bike with the clipless pedals that I bought while I was in the Gold Coast – took them for a spin on Sunday.  They’re not quite right just yet – I had numb toes on each feet after the 10k that I rode, so I will have to experiment with my shoes and cleat placement this week.  If that doesn’t work I may have to get a proper bike fit…

Exercise completed for the week:

  • Monday – Run – 6.65km
  • Tuesday – Bike – 9.8k
  • Wednesday – Run – 5.5k
  • Friday – Run – 8.82k
  • Sunday – Bike – 9.8k

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