The week that was…


Last week I was lucky enough to be on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia for a conference. This did however mean that my normal training routine was going to be a little bit disrupted.  I did however manage to get out for some exercise in the mornings.  My knee was really sore when I arrived, I did head down to the beach at 5:30 on the Monday morning to go for a run only to discover that
  1.     Running on soft sand was really difficult – I knew this from past experience but clearly my newly exercising mind over stated my abilities.
  2.     It is still quite a bit warmer on the Gold Coast at 5:30 than it is in the Waikato.
  3.     My knee was REALLY sore..
Therefore I just decided to go for a walk and enjoy the sights along the beach.  Wednesday’s walk was two hours while I was hunting cycling shops to find a new pair of cycling shoes, it was 25C and hot, I was wearing a pair of all stars 🙂
Thursday I walked with my boss, the pace was a little slower than I had previously been doing, but it was a nice change to walk and talk with someone, and Saturday I was home and headed up my usual hill route and achieved my best distance to date.
  •     Monday – Walk 6.1 km
  •     Wednesday – Walk 10.0km
  •     Thursday – Walk 5.0km
  •     Saturday – Walk 6.7km

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