The week that was

Its been an interesting week,  I’ve had a bit of knee pain which has meant that I’ve had to reduce the intensity of my runs which has been a pain, but my aerobic fitness has definitely improved and I can now walk further in 30 mins than I originally ran 🙂  This weeks training is a bit different, I’m in the Gold Coast for a conference which means that I’m going to explore the interesting world of running while you are away – I’ll be sure to post about that later.

Friday’s run was a 45minute fast walk up my hill, I was pretty pleased with what I achieved – I went further than ever and I managed not to cause any pain in my knee.  While the knee is a bit of an issue and I’ll be going to the doctor when I get back from the Gold Coast, walking doesn’t seem to aggravate it and cycling doesn’t either, so for the time being I’ll be doing fast walks and cycling.

  • Monday – Run 5.0km
  • Wednesday – Run 5.0km
  • Friday – Run 5.5km
  • Saturday – Ride 22.1km

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