One Month of Fitness

Beautiful spring mornings

I was updating my training plan over the weekend and I realised that I had been on my fat to fit journey for over a month…  They say time flies when you’re having fun, it also flies when you are fitting several extra hours of activity into your week.

When I’m in the middle of a training session it can be difficult to remember just how much progress I have made.  My first run was 1.5K’s and it took 13 minutes, it was pretty much a walk, and last Friday I managed to complete a 5K run in 36 minutes, and my bike ride has progressed from 6k to 17k and the average speed increasing from 22kph to 25kph.

For me its really helps to record my training data, not just to confirm that I actually did the training but also to see my progress over time.  There was one morning that I came in from my run and felt pretty rough, tired and felt like I had really not run well, when I entered my time I realised that I had actually run further and faster than I had to date – it completely changed how I felt about that training session and set me up for a really good day.

As well as seeing improvements in overall times, I have also lost 2kg and am starting to notice an improvement in my general fitness.  I’ve found that I can actually run across a busy road without feeling like I’m completely uncoordinated, and stairs no longer seem to rob me of my breath.

So its been a busy month and I have surprised myself by actually enjoying the training routine.  I have managed to not injure myself and have seen some steady progress.


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