The week that was…

I hate running, no seriously, I really don’t like running. Of all the disciplines involved in the Coast to Coast, the running is the one that scares me the most…  But there was a time many years ago when I actually enjoyed running.  I used to run home from work in the UK every day, and I would get home and think “this is great, one day I’m going to go further…”  well I never did go further and now I’m unfit and hate running.

So to combat that I decided that I would focus on the running more this week, and you know what?  While it wasn’t fun, it did get to the point that it wasn’t horrible.  I generally go out for a 30 minute run/walk at the moment and just try to run more each time.  I’m probably not doing it easy with my route choices as we live surrounded by hills, one killer hill in particular, and that has been my route of choice, to see how far up the hill I can get in 15 minutes or so and then come down the hill.  Each day I get a little further up the hill, each day I run a little longer, and walk a little less.

  • Monday – Run 4.15km – The Hill
  • Wednesday – Run 4.6km – Flat run
  • Friday – Run 4.4km – The Hill
  • Saturday – Ride 17.1km – The Loop

Wednesday’s run was great, I changed my route from the punishing uphill slog to a more level route and really pushed myself,  ALMOST 5k!  That is my goal for this week – to get to 5K in 30 minutes.


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