The week that was…

Last week was the third week of my master plan to ditch the middle aged spread and get fit enough to complete the Coast to Coast 2017.  It was a bit of a difficult week for me.

Monday morning I woke to my alarm at 6 and got up in the dark as Daylight savings had started over the weekend and it was now dark when I get up.  Running in the half light of the sunrise was quite surreal, the black clouds threatening rain, less so.  But I did push myself to run further and faster and achieved a personal best of 3.59km in 30 odd minutes – more importantly this was mainly up hill.

Tuesday woke to incredible pain in my calves and rain – I couldn’t walk that well so I gave the ride a miss, that and the fact that I still haven’t found my lights and its still too dark to ride on the road without them.

I finally went for a run again on Thursday, which felt really good.  Muscles that were sore loosened up and I ran the same distance as Monday but a couple of minutes faster which made me feel good. Friday the legs were a bit tired and I didn’t quite run the same distance but still got out there in the dark and the drizzle for a good run.

Saturday I managed to get back on my bike and had a bit of a breakthrough ride.  I managed a local loop that I have always meant to ride but never got around to.  It actually runs past the house I grew up in.

  • Monday – Run 3.59km
  • Thursday – Run 3.59km
  • Friday – Run 3.3km
  • Saturday – Ride 17.1km

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