30 Days until Movember


I received an email from the Movember team today reminding me that Movember was approaching. For those of you who are unaware, Movember is a fundraising event held in November every year where men raise money by growing a moustache in support for mens health.  Its a great cause, and it highlights the fact that us blokes are just terrible at looking after ourselves.  I’ve grown a ‘tache a couple of times over the years, but as I generally sport facial hair it’s the initial shaving that garners all the attention and I’m not really Tom Sellick so I can’t really rock the look.

This year however the Movember team are offering a new way to support mens health and their charity.  Called Move for movember it challenges people to Move everyday in November.  That is a challenge that I can take on, and it ties in nicely with my current efforts to remove the couch in my couch potato.

So if you want to sponsor me in my quest to get more active please sponsor me at http://mobro.co/secondhanddad

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