The week that was

Its been an interesting week,  I’ve had a bit of knee pain which has meant that I’ve had to reduce the intensity of my runs which has been a pain, but my aerobic fitness has definitely improved and I can now walk further in 30 mins than I originally ran 🙂  This weeks training is a bit different, I’m in the Gold Coast for a conference which means that I’m going to explore the interesting world of running while you are away – I’ll be sure to post about that later.

Friday’s run was a 45minute fast walk up my hill, I was pretty pleased with what I achieved – I went further than ever and I managed not to cause any pain in my knee.  While the knee is a bit of an issue and I’ll be going to the doctor when I get back from the Gold Coast, walking doesn’t seem to aggravate it and cycling doesn’t either, so for the time being I’ll be doing fast walks and cycling.

  • Monday – Run 5.0km
  • Wednesday – Run 5.0km
  • Friday – Run 5.5km
  • Saturday – Ride 22.1km

One Month of Fitness

Beautiful spring mornings

I was updating my training plan over the weekend and I realised that I had been on my fat to fit journey for over a month…  They say time flies when you’re having fun, it also flies when you are fitting several extra hours of activity into your week.

When I’m in the middle of a training session it can be difficult to remember just how much progress I have made.  My first run was 1.5K’s and it took 13 minutes, it was pretty much a walk, and last Friday I managed to complete a 5K run in 36 minutes, and my bike ride has progressed from 6k to 17k and the average speed increasing from 22kph to 25kph.

For me its really helps to record my training data, not just to confirm that I actually did the training but also to see my progress over time.  There was one morning that I came in from my run and felt pretty rough, tired and felt like I had really not run well, when I entered my time I realised that I had actually run further and faster than I had to date – it completely changed how I felt about that training session and set me up for a really good day.

As well as seeing improvements in overall times, I have also lost 2kg and am starting to notice an improvement in my general fitness.  I’ve found that I can actually run across a busy road without feeling like I’m completely uncoordinated, and stairs no longer seem to rob me of my breath.

So its been a busy month and I have surprised myself by actually enjoying the training routine.  I have managed to not injure myself and have seen some steady progress.


The week that was…

It was a good week for training, putting in some K’s and actually getting 5 days of activity in during the week.  I’ve got a bigger post in the works but for now the summary of the week that was…

  • Monday – Run 4.2km – The Hill
  • Tuesday – Run 4.3km – Flat run
  • Thursday – Ride 17.1km – The Loop
  • Friday – Run 5.0km – Flat run
  • Saturday – Ride 17.1km – The Loop

I did manage to achieve my goal of 5k’s for my run, unfortunately I didn’t manage it in under 30 mins – 36:45 was my time.  Still thats a long way from my very first run of 1.5k.

More later



So I was pondering motivation the other day in my blog post and I looked at the things that motivated me, but after last week I think I have only got half the story so far.  More than motivation, it is Determination that will actually get me to the start line of the Coast 2 Coast in 2017.

I was handed a salient lesson in determination the other day.  My step daughter who we call Chicken has wanted a carbon bike since she started riding competitively in year 9.  I have resisted going out and buying one for her for a number of reasons and have articulated them to her since she first started asking.  One of the main reasons for not just buying her the bike of her dreams is that I believe that things need to be earned and handing her a $5k bike didn’t fit with that ethos.

However I’m not a complete Grinch, and so we set some conditions under which the bike could be achieved.  The conditions were, for every dollar she saved we would match it, and she could earn an additional $10 per race placing from 10th upwards to a total of $100 for a first place in a regional or national race.  The other condition was that she had to buy an expensive (light) carbon bike – we set the bar at $5k minimum spend.

Why an expensive one? Well Chicken has quite a light Aluminium framed bike at the moment – at just on 9kg it is actually lighter than a lot of her riding mates carbon bikes, so I didn’t see much point in getting her a carbon bike that was as heavy as her current bike.

Last week she had saved enough to buy her new carbon bike, and she bought beautifully – its a Cervello S5 and she is the envy of all her mates – at just on 7kg she should see a performance improvement on those long rides she loves.

The new carbon bike was the motivation, but it was determination that made her go to work two nights a week to earn money, determination that stopped her buying that stuff she wanted and made her save for the bike and determination that made her stick to her training plans no matter how brutal they seemed. I am immensely proud of her determination and dedication and I hope that I can emulate it over the next 16 months.

When I’m out for a run in the morning, once my feet have hit the pavement, its not motivation that keeps me going once I’ve started, its determination.  Determination that I will keep running until the next driveway, and the one after that, determination that forces me to keep pedaling up the hill regardless of the pain in my thighs.

Motivation is key to looking to the future and pushing you toward your goals, but it is often determination and grit that actually get you there.


The week that was…

I hate running, no seriously, I really don’t like running. Of all the disciplines involved in the Coast to Coast, the running is the one that scares me the most…  But there was a time many years ago when I actually enjoyed running.  I used to run home from work in the UK every day, and I would get home and think “this is great, one day I’m going to go further…”  well I never did go further and now I’m unfit and hate running.

So to combat that I decided that I would focus on the running more this week, and you know what?  While it wasn’t fun, it did get to the point that it wasn’t horrible.  I generally go out for a 30 minute run/walk at the moment and just try to run more each time.  I’m probably not doing it easy with my route choices as we live surrounded by hills, one killer hill in particular, and that has been my route of choice, to see how far up the hill I can get in 15 minutes or so and then come down the hill.  Each day I get a little further up the hill, each day I run a little longer, and walk a little less.

  • Monday – Run 4.15km – The Hill
  • Wednesday – Run 4.6km – Flat run
  • Friday – Run 4.4km – The Hill
  • Saturday – Ride 17.1km – The Loop

Wednesday’s run was great, I changed my route from the punishing uphill slog to a more level route and really pushed myself,  ALMOST 5k!  That is my goal for this week – to get to 5K in 30 minutes.


The week that was…

Last week was the third week of my master plan to ditch the middle aged spread and get fit enough to complete the Coast to Coast 2017.  It was a bit of a difficult week for me.

Monday morning I woke to my alarm at 6 and got up in the dark as Daylight savings had started over the weekend and it was now dark when I get up.  Running in the half light of the sunrise was quite surreal, the black clouds threatening rain, less so.  But I did push myself to run further and faster and achieved a personal best of 3.59km in 30 odd minutes – more importantly this was mainly up hill.

Tuesday woke to incredible pain in my calves and rain – I couldn’t walk that well so I gave the ride a miss, that and the fact that I still haven’t found my lights and its still too dark to ride on the road without them.

I finally went for a run again on Thursday, which felt really good.  Muscles that were sore loosened up and I ran the same distance as Monday but a couple of minutes faster which made me feel good. Friday the legs were a bit tired and I didn’t quite run the same distance but still got out there in the dark and the drizzle for a good run.

Saturday I managed to get back on my bike and had a bit of a breakthrough ride.  I managed a local loop that I have always meant to ride but never got around to.  It actually runs past the house I grew up in.

  • Monday – Run 3.59km
  • Thursday – Run 3.59km
  • Friday – Run 3.3km
  • Saturday – Ride 17.1km

30 Days until Movember


I received an email from the Movember team today reminding me that Movember was approaching. For those of you who are unaware, Movember is a fundraising event held in November every year where men raise money by growing a moustache in support for mens health.  Its a great cause, and it highlights the fact that us blokes are just terrible at looking after ourselves.  I’ve grown a ‘tache a couple of times over the years, but as I generally sport facial hair it’s the initial shaving that garners all the attention and I’m not really Tom Sellick so I can’t really rock the look.

This year however the Movember team are offering a new way to support mens health and their charity.  Called Move for movember it challenges people to Move everyday in November.  That is a challenge that I can take on, and it ties in nicely with my current efforts to remove the couch in my couch potato.

So if you want to sponsor me in my quest to get more active please sponsor me at