Blisters and Beautiful Mornings

Yesterday I got my first blister…  my own fault really I just grabbed the first socks that I could lay my hands on in the dark, but old wafer thin socks just don’t cut it when you are wearing in new shoes.  Within the first 300 meters the blister had formed and burst, not good.  Still it was a great morning run, the sun was out and the rain had stopped from the last few days, as I walked/ran along the country roads around our house there was mist in the distance over the paddocks.  It was a great morning to be outdoors and getting a bit fitter and even with the blister couldn’t take away the awesomeness of getting out and doing it.

As for the blister, well its shown me that I need to invest in a few more decent pairs of socks.  When I bought my socks from Mike at Shoe Science in Albany, I also got a free pair of Balega socks for joining their Ambassador program, and its these socks I used for the first run in my shoes and not a blister to be seen.  I’ll do a proper post about Shoe Science at a later date, but I can only say that the service has been excellent and recommend that anyone looking for a new pair of running shoes go and look them up.


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