In the beginning there was light

Hi, welcome to my story of how I am going from middle aged, unfit and overweight to competing in the Coast to Coast 2017.

I’m a fairly typical NZ guy who was once quite fit, I grew up in the country, cycled to school, ran to university and walked and ran to work when I moved to the UK on my O.E.  and then something happened, the work hours got longer, the beer more often and then suddenly I wasn’t fit anymore, and I was getting fat, but that’s OK, I was still slim(ish) and fit(ish) so I didn’t need to change anything and just watch what I ate and do a bit more exercise and what do you know, I just got a little fatter and a lot less fit.

Then I turned 44 and I realised I couldn’t run for 5 minutes without feeling like I was going to be physically sick… I had turned into the guy you wanted to meet a bear with – you know, I don’t need to run faster than a bear, I just need to be able to run faster than the slow guy – I am that guy now…

So I set myself a Big Hairy Arsed Goal (BHAG) to enter and compete in the Coast to Coast race in 2017.  The Coast to Coast is an adventure race held in late summer in New Zealand and involves 36km of running, 140km of cycling and 67km of kayaking.  Its a big ask and I will be documenting my path to the race over the next 18 months.



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